Thank you for your interest in Family Systems Management, Inc. Please allow us to take this opportuity to tell you a bit more about ourselves.

We are a San Bernardino County Approved provider for the Domestic Violence Intervention/BTP and the Child Abuse/Neglect 52-week programs.Family Systems Management also accepts court orders from our neighboring counties such as, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Diego County, etc, as well as referrals from other states.

Family Systems Management has continued to take a progressively active part in our high desert community since its beginning in 1994. Working with both adults and youth, FSM has continued to strive toward the goal of family preservation by promoting healthy effective standards of living.

The Nationally acclaimed psychologist, John Bradshaw, has endorsed or FSM programs. Mr. Bradshaw, author, lecturer, and counselor known for his emphasis in the systems approach to understanding and changing behavior, stated this about our programs,   “The great thing about these courses are their practicality…. I unequivocally endorse this program.”

Family Systems Management believes in the need for community collaborations. It is for this reason that we also work together with such agencies as St. Mary’s Regional Hospital, Victor Valley Domestic Violence Shelter, San Bernardino County Public Health Department, Child Development Services, Children and Family Services, Sexual Assault Network, San Bernardino County Probation/Parole Departments, and the County Superior Courts' of California.

The success of Family Systems Management reflects the validity of the company’s philosophy of confrontation/accountability, education, and support provided in an environment of dignity and respect. All of our educational classes have manuals that were created by and for FSM staff members that combine several well known, proven approaches and current information. Central throughout the company, are our licensed and certified counselors that are uniquely trained and experienced team staff members that role-model healthy behaviors and project their genuine belief in the inherent worth of every individual no matter what their current situation


These factors taken all together have resulted in an effective, organization that has a well-respected reputation throughout the high desert community.
Our motto at
FSM is:
                                     ”The Choice for Change is Yours".